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Hardware Info

This page describes how to take the NBP appart upgrade the motherboard. (Don't know if the normal NBP can be upgraded)

How to take your netbook pro to bits

  • First remember to unplug all the hardware - MMC, CF, PCMCIA, stylus, both sorts of battery, power, serial, usb connectors. Make sure the PCMCIA lever is pushed back in. Same for CF button.
  • Open the lid and peel the left hand edge of the 'Psion Teklogix' label above the keyboard off.
  • Undo the screw that is revealed.
  • Take off the battery cover and the similar cover to the right.
  • Pull out the front hinge pins - one either side. They just slide out in the inboard direction. The display will flop back when you do this.
  • Now you can lift off the top plastic cover. There is another loose bit of plastic underneath around the battery compartment.
  • Undo the screw at the top right of the keyboard.
  • Release the keyboard connector (little plastic ears slide back).
  • Remove the keyboard - another bit of plastic comes off (from LHS).
  • Take off 2 screws and the display cable clamp.
  • Release the display cable (plastic clamp flips up).
  • Remove screw on bottom RHS to release RHS of keyboard bit of plastic.
  • Remove 5 large motherboard screws. Lift off the grey plastic lever in the back LH corner (Nicad fitted sensor).
  • The PCB can now be gently withdrawn upwards/towards the front of the case.

Assembly is “the reverse of diassaembly”, as they say. Note that the rear display hinge pins are very hard to get back in if you take them out, so don't. You need to fiddle with the PCMCIA lever to a) get the PCB bedded properly and b) get the RHS keyboard bit of plastic back on. And make sure you postition the keyboard properly under its lugs.

Powering up

Now give it some power but no CF and put in a dongle/docking station. It will boot but complain that the calibration data is duff. (If you forget the dongle you get a 'Netbook Pro' Boost Menu). With the dongle you just get a prompt.

To recalibrate type touch i auto and then prod the 4 crosses. Now you can scribble on the blank screen to check (a yellow line is drawn). Now type w <Return> to write the calibration values to the eeprom.

Then reboot and use.

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