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This pages descibes how to install the OpenEmbedded environment for building Netbook images.

  1. Check out the tools and the package metadata:
$ cvs -d co -ko -roe-vendor oe

The password is 'anoncvs'. If you have a BitKeeper licence, you can use that instead. See for instructions in that case.

  • Check and make sure you have all the required software installed. You don't need to install a cross-compiler, since OE builds its own.
  • Unordered List Item
  • Download and save it somewhere handy. Edit the top of the script so that OEDIR and PKGDIR reflect where you checked out the code.
  • Copy netbook.conf into oe/conf.
  • Copy local.conf into oe-packages/conf.
  • Source the script. It will change your current directory to be oe-packages.

Now you should be all set. Try “oemake gpe-image” to compile an image. It will probably take a couple of hours and a few gigs of disk. Assuming all goes well, look in tmp/deploy/ for the results.

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