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Kernel Status


There were several kernels ongoing development

  • The solutions foundry 2.4.19-rmk7 based kernel
  • 2.4.26-vrs1 based kernel
  • 2.4.26-vrs2 kernel
  • 2.6 kernel

All of these needed an initial ramdisk to start any of the application images. A build system had been created for this purpose, it was stored in the krnbuild cvs module. This build system was building daily images in the shared area on psiondev, idealy any of these kernel/initrd images could be used with any of the application images.

Changing the configuration of the daily builds was as simple as checking out the krnbuild module, editing the config file for the apropriate kernel and checking in. The next daily build then used the updated config.

Kernel build module

To build, for example, the sfi tree on psiondev from clean you would do:

cvs co krnbuild 
cvs co sfi 
cd krnbuild 
make CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/cross/i386/arm-gcc2953-bin2121/bin/arm-linux- LINUX=../sfi/nblx dailyconfig 
make CROSS_COMPILE=/opt/cross/i386/arm-gcc2953-bin2121/bin/arm-linux- LINUX=../sfi/nblx

Your kernel/netbookpro image etc. would all be in the build directory. The config would be one based upon the current autobuilt daily configuration. to start from an almost clean config replace dailyconfig with menuconfig in the above.

Obviously a new checkout would not be required each time and a simple cvs -q up -dP would suffice to update the krnbuild and kernel sources.

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