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Adding cable chains

Required tools/material

  • Cable chain Inner dimension: 10x10mm R18, Outer dimensions: 13x17mm
  • Kapton tape to isolate the heads of the two tapered screws at the back of the junction box, preventing them to touch the aluminium Z-profile.
  • Bosch Taper Countersink Bit M3, HSS, Ø 6,3mm, Art.Nr. 2608597501
  • 2x Cable shoe 2.50 mm² hole-Ø=3.2 mm, e.g. Lapp Art. Nr. 63204095 Uninsulated cable lugs/solderless terminals according to DIN 46234, or Vogt Verbindungstechnik Art. Nr. 3515A Cable shoe, EAN: 2050000236273 (Conrad: 731655 - 62)
  • 2x Cable shoe 1.50 mm² hole-Ø=3.2 mm, e.g. LAPP Art. Nr. 63204025 Uninsulated cable lugs/solderless terminals according to DIN 46234 (Conrad: 1024098 - 62)
  • 2x spring washer 3.2mm
  • 2x regular washer 3.2mm
  • various nuts and bolts M3


The main concern with using a cable chain for the Y-axis is how to make a connection which is both capable of sustaining high currents, can be crimped, and is small to fit into a 3d-printed enclosure. For this, a suitable option would be to use unisolated cable-shoes. These are easy to source and easy to use with a 3d printed mounting base, which functions as a junction box. On the picture below a first prototype can be seen:


To protect the open connections, the design was improved, by adding 1mm thick walls around it:

Junction box - detail

With the cover, mounted on the junction box and on the junction box mounted onto the aluminium profile, it looks like the following (click on picture to zoom):

Junction box - closed

The whole combination consists of the following parts:

Overview of parts

At the picture the following are shown:

  1. Aluminium Z-profile, 20x20x20, 2mm thickness, 45mm length
  2. Cable chain, 10x10xR18
  3. JST-XH connector & socket and 2-pin header to connect two sockets with each other
  4. Cover, to be printed
  5. Junction box, to be printed, with 2x M3 tapered screw, 4x M3 nut, 2x washer, 2x spring washer
  6. Final result of (1), including 2x M3 tapered screw (black) and 2x M3 regular screw (to mount Z-profile onto Y-base)
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